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Are we listening to customers when developing voice strategies?

Yesterday I had a really interesting conversation with some senior marketers about the impact of voice technology, and the way different businesses have started to develop ‘skills’ for their brands.

It’s such a new area … and there’s little insight about how consumers are actually engaging in this space. It made me reflect on some recent research I read from Google that I wanted to share. Overwhelmingly, voice appears to be more about action :

‘When people talk to their Google Assistant, they’re usually trying to get something done. Assistant queries are 40 times more likely to be action-oriented than Search, with people asking for things like “send a text message,” “turn off the lights,” or “turn on airplane mode.”’

From what we’ve observed, many branded ‘skills’ are focussed on information gathering, which may be less relevant for how customers are using voice assistants (at least for now). If marketers are going down this road, it definitely feels like the time for them to be really listening to their customers!

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