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Some Fast Facts About Gen Z

We hear a lot about how Millennials, and now Gen Z, have changed the game when it comes to marketing. But is there much evidence to support these claims, and are they really that different from older Australians?

In our upcoming webinar, we will be sharing research looking at media and advertising consumption for Gen Z, as compared to Millennials and Gen X. Here are some fast facts we have found about this age cohort :

Social Media :

  • More Gen Z consumers (81%) used more social media in the past week, as compared to Millennials / Gen X (73%).

  • When comparing social media brands used, roughly the same number of Gen Z social media users claimed to use Facebook (77%), Instagram (75%) and Snapchat (75%), while the older generations used more Facebook (Millennials = 91%, Gen X = 93%) in the past week.

Podcasts :

  • Roughly 1 in 5 (21%) of Gen Z-ers listened to podcasts in the past week. Those that listened to podcasts were more likely to listen to the Comedy genre (37% Gen Z share vs. 24% total share).

Voice Assistants :

  • More than 1 in 3 (38%) Gen Z consumers used a voice assistant in the past month;

  • When compared to Millennials/Gen X, they were less likely to use voice assistants for phone/message functions, and more likely to use it for playing music, radio and podcasts.

Digital Habits :

  • Contrary to some claims, Gen Z has similar usage to Search and Email to older generations;

  • Many more Gen Z consumers (69%) had used Short-form Video (e.g. YouTube) in the last day, as compared to Millennials (46%) and Gen X (31%).

This data is taken from our upcoming Webinar on July 2, 2019 : The ABC of XYZ : Understanding media, advertising and digital habits across generations. For more about the event – please visit our event website :

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