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How Light TV Viewers Respond to Advertising

Light TV viewers offer no additional benefit to advertisers

I've been studying TV viewing for a long time!

Here's another one from the archives on Light TV viewers, who have often been suggested to offer some additional benefit to advertisers. This research proved otherwise, showing that light TV viewers were similar to heavier TV viewers in their responses to advertising.

The abstract and full paper about Light Viewers can be found below :


There is some suggestion that while light viewers are difficult to reach, they offer additional benefit to advertisers. This study compared light and heavier viewers of television on established measures of advertising memory (unprompted and prompted recall, recognition), correct branding and their advertising viewing behaviour. The research found that light viewers were no more likely to attentively watch advertising or remember advertising content than heavier viewers, meaning that claims of additional benefit to advertisers are unsubstantiated.

Peter Hammer, Trish Green and Erica Riebe

ANZMAC Conference 2006

Full paper available here :

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